Books about the fourth dimension

Now you can download many controversial books from authors out the mainstream. Open your mind to other ideas, to other fields of knowledge.

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Flatland is a book about a journey of a character from a two-dimensional world that visits a one-dimensional kingdom --Lineland-- and that is also visited by a character from the third dimension --Spaceland.

By analogy, since we are three-dimensional, what if we make a similar journey to Flatland, and then to the fourth dimension? Right now, how can we recognize visitors from the fourth dimension?

Selected Papers of Charles Hinton About the Fourth Dimension is a collection of essays from the pen of Charles Hinton, the classic writer that initiated an effort to put order in the chaos of the thinking about other dimensions besides our three-dimensional world.

Readings of the Fourth Dimension Simply Explained is another collection of articles, this time from different authors. Another classic in this subject, sponsored by the well-known magazine Scientific American. Many of the authors were teachers and experts in their field of knowledge.

Another World or the Fourth Dimension is a curious book about the presence of the fourth dimension in the Bible.  Is the presence of so many strange experiences narrated in the Bible evidence that the fourth dimension really exist?

The 4-D Doodler is the story of a man that is trapped between the edges of the Spaceland and the fourth dimension. Could this really happen in a future space-time travel? In 2012, or 2100, or 3500...? Is it happening now?

This list of books is not exhaustive. Go to for a complete catalog of free books on the fourth dimension, math puzzles, tables, and even the beautifully illustrated: Alice In Wonderland.

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