The physics of everyday miracles

Are there really miracles?

We are accustomed to hear --and repeat-- that the laws of physics are unalterable through time, and that everyday there is a miracle --visible or not-- around us.

All everyday activities are supposed to be ruled by  immutable laws. The force of gravity is the most representative and easily recognized of all the physical laws.

In opposition to that, the miracles are supposed to be a break of some physical law.

If there is an deadly car accident but nobody dies, people say its a miracle, but if somebody die in the same accident, its because "such  is life", or that "its the will of God".

However, the awesome miracles and the immutable physical laws are the same thing. It is hard to digest, but every time somebody comes alive out of a deadly accident is because of the same physical laws that provoked the accident.

Everything that happens around us has some physical explanation. If some action is unexplainable then it is just that: "not yet explained".

A book that explains many everyday physical phenomena.

Physics for entertainment, by Jakov  Perelman is a simple book easy to read and follow. It answers hundreds of questions like:
  •  Is it possible to make fire with ice?
  • What's the secret of painting people and drawing faces that seem to follow us everywhere we move?
  • Is it possible to make soap bubbles that last ... for years?
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