Can the infinite be randomized?

Is the infinite always the same? Is the infinite tomorrow the same as is today? How many infinites are there? Only one? How about if there are infinite infinites? How about if all of them are not the same, one to another?

How about if one of those infinites is not linear, without any kind of order, but random? Why not?

We have a naive and simple idea of the infinite. In the best of the cases we think of the infinite as the unending series 1, 2, 3, .... In the worst scenario we think of the infinite as the quantity of the grains of sand in all the deserts and beaches in the Earth.

It was Archimedes of Syracuse, more than two millennia into the past, who proved that it was impossible that the grains of sand were infinite because he was able to give a fair estimate of the grains sand that could placed in a sphere the size of the orbit of Saturn.

He knew that it was impossible to count grain by grain all the deserts and beaches. So it is impossible to prove that the grains of sand are finite by enumerating them one by one.

So, his approach was to establish an upper limit to the amount of grains that can hold the planet Earth. This is an indirect proof that the sand cannot be infinite.

Download the free EBook The Sand Reckoner, the book where he developed his proof.

But it we have an infinite book in our hands, how big can it be? Infinite in size? Infinite in weight?. Infinite in volume?

Have you ever heard of The Book of Sand? It’s a short story about an infinite book with no beginning and no ending. But this book has a finite amount of pages; how come?

The infinite is incredible and surprising! What is going to limit the limitless?

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