The return of the fear of comets

Comets are cyclic phenomena. We know they move in elliptical orbits; a fact discovered by Johann Baptist Cysat (1587-1657). The completion of a cycle (a period) is different among them. Some comets fade away, and some of them never return. There are comets with period of less than 30 years, other may take longer than 200 years to return.

Comets do not come to visit or frighten us: the simply orbit around the Sun. They approach the center of our solar system, make a turn, and disappear into the dark Cosmos possibly to never return.

Among the familiar comets is the well-known Halley's Comet; the most recent apparition was in 1986, although very faint for the naked eye. Halley's Comet is expected to return by the year 2061.

But with every return of a comet, specially if it is expected to be a great comet, the fear for them returns.

David Berg (1919-1994) was a cult preacher that induced great fear for the comet Kohoutek of 1986 that --according to him-- was supposed to cause great disaster and to signal a colossal event.

Here are some of his warnings:
  • ACCORDING TO OUR OWN CALCULATIONS 1986 SHOULD BE ABOUT THE TIME OF THE FINAL TAKEOVER OF ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT BY A WORLD DICTATOR known in the Bible as the “Antichrist,” and the beginning of his reign of terror!
  • THE MOST BRILLIANT COMET OF THE PAST CENTURY WAS THE GREAT COMET OF 1882 which appeared and disappeared within about the same year of the deaths of two of the most influential men in all modern history, and upon whose teaching both the faith and fate of a Godless world now hangs: Charles Darwin and Karl Marx! Both sealed the doom of Churchianity and Capitalism and the end of an age, if not the world!

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